Money and Mr. Riff Essay

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Defense Witnesses


As I was following the process of the arrest warrant for Ronald Riff, the day after the alleged burglary on 3 September 2013, I was told by a woman by the name of Matilda Slick, further details of the suspects whereabouts at the time of the burglary. Mrs. Slick is the mother of Mr. Riff’s girlfriend, Sally Slick. Mrs. Slick proceeded to tell me about the night of the burglary. She said that Mr. Riff had picked up Sally for a movie, and stated her dislike towards Sally and Ronald Riff being together. She then told me Sally had come home before 11:00 alone, and when asked where Mr. Riff was, Mrs. Slick’s daughter said, “Ronald’s still at Red’s so he couldn’t very well come in and say hello.” Mrs. Slick proceeded to tell me Ronald called before 12:00 late that night, but was not specific of the exact time of the call being before or after 12:00. She recalled Mr. Riff saying, “Just tell Sally I won big. Over $900.” Mrs. Slick also recalled the words being spoken in the background, “Don’t try to pass off that lousy Canadian money around here.” After the phone call, Mrs. Slick relayed the message from Mr. Riff to Sally. Upon hearing the details of the burglary and what had happened with the burglary at Speedy Marquette’s happening after 12:00 A.M., Mrs. Slick then contacted me with this information.


On, 3 September 2013, I started to question Red Chips on any known details of the burglary, and the exact times and whereabouts of Ronald Riff, on the night of the burglary, 2 September 2013. Mr. Chips had opened Red’s Pleasure Palace as soon as Midtown legalized gambling, and Mr. Chips told me that Ronald Riff was a regular and had been coming in at least once every week. Mr. Chips stated that at 8:00 P.M. Mr. Riff had come in with Sally Slick, his girlfriend, where they both sat at table one consisting of: Ace Harte and Jacques Orbedder who had started playing around 7:30 P.M. Mr. Chips told me at approximately 10:30 that night, there was an argument that broke out within table one. Ronald then talked to Sally, who at that time left Red’s Pleasure Palace. Mr. Chips then said 10 or 15 minutes later Vibes Blare came in, watched the game, Ronald Riff then pulled Vibes Blare aside and gave him some money. That is when Mr. Chips realized Mr. Riff had at least $200 dollars. At midnight Mr. Chips stated another argument broke out, because Jacques Orbedder started to play with Canadian money. Ace Harte then asked Mr. Chips what the Danadian dollar was worth, in which Mr. Chips told them 97 cents, also realizing that Ronald Riff was not on the pay phone but on the pay phone. Mr. Chips said when the game broke up around midnight, Ronald had come up to his office and asked if he could borrow a money bag he could borrow, and Mr. Chips directed him to old money bags under the service bar. I then asked him what kind of money bag had been taken, whether it was from Midtown State Bank, but he said he doubted one from Midtown State Bank was taken. He then stated that, the Palace banked at National City Bank in the new shopping center.


On the 3rd of Septeber 2013, I came into Ronald Riff’s home to question him on the burglary at Speedy Marquette’s, Marquette Market. When I asked Ronald Riff where he had been the night before, Ronald said he first picked Sally Slick up for a movie and then a sandwich at Mickey’s Diner. Ronald said, having fifty dollars left, he then proceeded to Red’s Pleasure Palace with Sally, so he could win money to pay back Vibes Blare $50.00 and buy a new guitar or he would be fired from their band, “Deep water Reunion Band.”
Ronald said they had arrived at Red’s Pleasure Palace at about 8:00 P.M.