Money Exercise

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Money Exercise
Mikelle Rittenhouse
The core belief that I have about money and wealth is that money is the root of happiness. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think it’s the only way to be happy there are other factors that support your happiness but having money is one of the important factors to happiness. I think that money is of course very important for people to live a decent and satisfying life. Money is important in order to get clothes and food and shelter. Many people think money is the root to all evil but I highly disagree. Money gets us clothes, food and shelter. It also lets us indulge in activities and items that are enjoyable and entertaining. In my opinion if I didn’t have money that means I wouldn’t have any of the things I mentioned before and that to me doesn’t sound like a very happy life. If you look at places in Africa and Vietnam people are miserable because of poverty. If you have money you feel more satisfied and stable. Money helps us maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. If you struggle with money it poses health issues like stress and not being able to afford a medical bill or medication. It has become a part of what defines us as human beings as it allows us to live a life of stability, happiness, and fulfillment. I believe I formed these beliefs about money because my mom is a single mother raising me on a hairdresser income. She struggles with money and she is always stressed. We always have barely any food in the house and its miserable. I don’t get to do as much stuff because my mom doesn’t have the money to give me. I think that if we had more money then me and my mom would be able to meet our needs better making us more happy and less stressed.

I also see on TV all these celebrities that make so much money and they are all so happy. I believe that you have to work hard to get far and make lots of money. You see all
These millionaires on TV and in articles that built themselves up from nothing.
My feelings about money impact my philosophy of success because it motivates me to go far and work my hardest to be successful and be willing to go above and beyond what I am working