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Ms.Daniels/writing essay/Money Hungry
July 7, 2014
By : Sharon G. Flake
Published date : 2001
The genre : realistic fiction


Money never hurt anyone ! The book was mostly about how Raspberry and her mother was poor and was living on the streets in a junk yard in a van with no wheels and a busted front window, so Raspberry was thinking of a way to raise a lot of money so she would never have to be in that situation again. Every page of this book had kept me interested in what will happen next with what was happening, like what is going on with Zora's dad and raspberry's mother, and what happened with the $200 that raspberry lent to Ja'nae, and lastly, will raspberry and her mother stay in the projects forever. so i think that anybody that wants to read this book, should read the book. the second reason that i think teen should read this book because it could teach teen responsibility of how to spend money and how to save money. The final reason why people should read this book is because people need to know that these are problems that teenage kid and parents deal with on their everyday life.

The first reason I think Money hungry is a great book is because it keeps the reader interested in what will happen next like what happened to the money that raspberry loaned to Ja'nea, and if they will ever move out of the project because of the fact that they were poor at one point of time. I think that it was very real in a way because it was talking about her life in the beginning on how her mother and her was living in a van in the junk yard, and how she raised a lot of money so she would never have to be in that kind of situation again. Raspberry was scared of ever having to manage to just live anywhere and eat only when they had money to eat.Raspberry had this logic that if she doesn't ever run out of money she would never be on the streets again, and nobody can ever control her.

The second reason i think people should read this book is because it could help show kids how they could save a lot of money and learn how to be financially smart, about saving money, and knowing the real value of money and when they get older they can know what it means to take care of money, and save. Raspberry is only