Liberty Leading The People Analysis

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Liberty Leading the People

This painting was made in response to the political upheaval that would resulted in the overthrow of the reigning monarch, Charles X Delacroix's is a complex painting, full of historical reference, yet also full of the spectrum of human emotion—from grand heroism to angry despair—that is a central characteristic of French Romanticism. Note the complex interaction between areas that are brightly reflective and adjacent areas of dark shadow. The painting shows many different emotions. It shows them full of energy, excitement, and victory. All of the fallen lifeless bodies also show despair in this picture. This picture is a perfect example of the romantic period. It reflects the romantic period, because the romantic period is based on emotions and feelings among other things.
She was a phantom of delight
This poem is extremely beautiful because it is written for his wife. It evokes romance and passionate love and affection. This poem highlights the beauty of the woman. "her dusky hair" "phantom of delight". The diction (words used) scrutinizes the woman as the persona compares her to "angel". Thus it reflects a very godlike and illusional (in a good way of course) atmosphere. The word "phantom" already conveys a sort of very unreal and spiritual ambience, which brings out the great significance of the woman. The imagery reflects a woman of divine beauty and of great status. The idea of perfection can be found here; a perfect woman of beauty