Mongol Empire Essay

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baby I been losing sleep. dreming bout the things we could b Continuity
*Chinese people were still considered more learned and more literate because of their possession of paper and printing technology
*Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism was still valued during the Mongol rule *Traditional value such as Confucianism stayed intact

conflict, Political structures, Empires,
Revolts and revolution)

*China was controlled by many empires and dynasties during the postclassical periods.
*China was divided at the beginning of the Mongol Empire Changes
*Mongol reunified China
*Chinese officials held advisory and lower-ranking positions than the Mongols
*Mongols incorporated huge number of conquered people in their force .*Administrative divisions
*postal system
*Muslims served as officials *The Chinese elites didn’t have as much as power as they use to before Monglian rule Continuity
*Chinese administrative system stayed the same during the Mongol rule
*In China, the caste system remained *Bureaucracy reflected similar elements from previous dynasties
(Agric, trade, commerce, labors systems, industrialization, capitalism, socialism) *Free-trade*Government collected taxes*China was the center of the Silk Roads and grew rich exporting luxury goods.
*During Tang and Song Dynasties, internal waterways were built to speed up trade Changes
*Mongols allowed merchants 10% or more above their asking price
*merchants had free use of relay stations for