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Katie Norris
November 15, 2014
Block 3
Mongol Woman Witness Sheet
Mongol women under the rule of Genghis Khan had a relatively high social status compared to other societies in Asia. There was a division of labor between men and women. The men were responsible for military, administrative, and trade affairs. Women’s main responsibilities were in the household where they would care for children, do housework, and cook. A Mongol woman often would tend for their own flock of sheep. When the men of the household were away, Mongol women would take over their responsibilities. This flexibility between the roles of men and women shows that women had status that was not that far below that of the males. A Mongol woman was also able to become involved in society. Mongolian society valued a women’s fertility over the image of purity, which was very important to other Chinese societies. It was considered a woman’s civic duty to bear a large amount of children. This helped to increase their social status, as their fertility was very important with the succession of their empire. A Mongol woman was able to participate in social events that in many other Asian empires would be exclusive to men. For example, women were allowed to participate in archery contests with the men. Women had legal rights also, including the right to divorce their husbands if the marriage is not successful. “Khan himself sought and accepted the guidance of women at some of the most crucial points in