Monitoring Networks Essay

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How does e-mail benefit an organization? Why might an organization want to limit how an employee uses e-mail during work hours? What is an e-mail’s path once it leaves an organization?
E-mails communication can offer an organization a number of benefits. The communication is much easier between clients and employees. It is also much faster and clearer. E-mails are an effective way organizational communication tool and it does have its disadvantages as well. For example many employees would use their e-mails for personal use instead of business use. Ultimately this decreases productivity and makes the company pass on higher prices to the customers. With employees using the e-mail as a personal use the company must retain all of its e-mails for a certain period of time or pay heavy fines. If the e-mails have to be used in a lawsuit it is important that they are available to the company. If a lawsuit should occur it does not matter if it’s a personal account or work account sent e-mail they are both the same thing as far as the court is concerned. No matter the nature of the e-mail the company will be held responsible for its content. Once the e-mail has left the organization it is meant to go to a certain person but, it can end up all over the Internet because of hackers. This is why it’s important for a company to keep tabs on the things that are going in and out of the business.

What is the effect of instant messaging on organizational networks? What are benefits and drawbacks of using instant messaging in an organization?
Instant messaging can be a very useful tool for an organization. It allows a message to be sent throughout the organization. This would need to be monitored to prevent someone from misusing the instant messages during working hours. It also helps keep the phone lines open for people to be able to talk to a client instead of having to put someone on hold. Even with instant messages bring monitored people will still try and misuse them for their own personal usage. A benefit to using instant messages is that they are sent to someone right away. Sometimes the system could be down due to server or a network problem in turn the message would be either delayed or they would not get the message at all. Another drawback to having an instant messenger is that even with co-workers they can be a distraction and work less due to playing around with other co-workers. You can also save the instant message if need be to resort back to a serious conversation that involved work. You must be careful when receiving files from someone even at work because they could have viruses on them. Instant messenger could also be a great tool to help on training purposes.

What are benefits and drawbacks of web page and search engine use in an organization?
Despite the fact turning to the Internet has become a big thing for being used as a research tool. It has it benefits and its drawbacks just like anything else we would use. Some good sides to the Internet are that it does have tons of valuable sources of information that can be used. You have things such as electronic journals and discussion groups. A more efficient route for accessing certain information sources would be newspapers, overseas papers, and electronic versions of existing print journals. Something else I would say is good id that you can search something in just second. You can also find