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Group Animal: Monkey
Subtopic: Communication

Monkeys are fascinating animals in many ways; one way being how they communicate with other monkeys and animals! All monkeys can make at least twenty-five sounds to converse with. For example, a loud hoot is used as an alarm. A whimper is used as a way of showing fear. Another example is a roar which is used for anger while a purr is used for happiness. Also, a rumble is used for pleasure. Tamarian Monkeys whistle while Howler Monkeys bellow. Furthermore, a spider monkey’s way of corresponding that there is danger is shaking branches or swaying their arms. Shaking head is used as a way of communicating that there is a threat or as a way of inviting others to play. Baboons post guards who cry warnings when enemies come. Chimpanzees use a simple roar to let others know of nearby danger. In addition, if a monkey is angry he will stand upright and begin to throw things. Spider Monkeys bark, whine, squeal, squeak, and scream as their way of communicating. Whines of a monkey are used as a distress call and are made at dawn and dusk. When monkeys find a new source of food, they sit down and begin to hoot in a chorus. The things that monkeys do to communicate their feelings are quite interesting. Monkeys are not only good at communicating with their hands and gestures, but many monkeys in history have also been able to learn American Sign Language. For example, in 1970, Koko the ape learned how to sign American Sign Language by a trained teacher. A few years later, Washoe the ape learned American Sign Language and is currently able to sign more than one hundred thirty two words! After Washoe was able to learn how to sign American Sign Language, without any assistance, taught his son how to sign American Sign Language as well. Later, four other monkeys were taught to do what Koko and Washoe have been able to achieve. I find it amazing that so many monkeys and apes have been able to accomplish such an outstanding achievement. I find it simply incredible that monkeys can do something that is challenging and also is mostly helpful to only humans. In my opinion, a monkey learning to communicate in American Sign Language is a fantastic idea! When monkeys communicate, one monkey starts until another joins the conversation. Pitch and loudness is what allows monkeys to realize the difference between one another. A pant-hoot is a type of monkey communication that identifies one monkey from another. Also, individual calls of a monkey cannot be understood. Only combined monkey calls can be interoperated. Wild- Putty Nosed Monkeys mix different calls to