Monkey Descriptive Writing

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Pages: 8

New, shiny, and pretty. That’s all I could think of as I sat in class admiring my brand new shoes. They were black flats with an open top that exposed my foot, and a strap that wrapped around my heel and tightened at a shiny silver buckle. They were perfect. I sat there watching how when the sun hit the buckle in just the right spot, and I tilted my foot in just the right way, a reflection of the light would appear on the ceiling. The girl sitting next to me tapped me on my shoulder, knocked me out of my trance, and told me it was my turn to go. We were having station time where we had five groups and each group took turns playing different games at each station. Right now we were playing chutes and ladders, a game where the objective was to be the first one to get all the way to the top of the board. There were ladders that helped you climb up, and slides that shot you down. I was in the lead, all I had to do was move up a ladder and then move forward four spots and I would win. I grabbed the die, vigorously shook them in my hands, and right when I was about to let them roll the bell rung. It was time to change …show more content…
How could they be so mean to me when they saw what happened the other day? When they saw all of the blood that had left my body, and all of the pain I went through? I didn’t understand people. When I got back from school that day I dragged my mom to the couch, so that I could snuggle into her and smell her comforting mom scent while I cried. I told her that I didn’t want to go to school anymore, I wanted to go live on a beach and become a pretty mermaid instead. All my mother said to that was that I could not drop out of school at five years old, and that I could go become a mermaid over the summer, however during spring, winter, and fall I had to be the real pretty girl I was and go to