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Jonathan Swift is a Misanthrope In the book Gulliver’s Travels the author, Jonathan Swift portrays humans as ignorant creatures and wild beasts; Jonathan Swift shows how he is a misanthrope throughout this novel. When Gulliver is in Lilliput Swift represents the majority of human beings as Lilliputians. When in the Country of the Houyhnhnms he represents humans as stupid wild beasts, yahoos. The author shows his hatred of humans through Gulliver and his adventures. Throughout the book we are represented as different things, but in the end they all have some fault in which Swift expresses in the book. People are not kind and intelligent; they are only shown as savage, ignorant and stupid creatures in this novel. In Lilliput Swift makes a metaphor showing how Gulliver is the “bigger” person and will not hurt people for his own gain. Gulliver is bigger at heart and in reality while the Lilliputians are “small” people who would hurt other for their own gain. The Lilliputians are mini people no more than 6 inches tall, and because their small their hearts are small too. The emperor wants to completely annihilate the Blefuscu fleet, but Gulliver refuses and “would never be an instrument of bringing free and brave people into slavery” (51). The Lilliputians represent how humans are selfish creatures who will completely destroy and ruin other peoples’ lives for what they want. In Lilliput they choose politicians and leaders through silly obstacles and challenges. They are just requires to have great dexterity and strength, Leaders are elected through how they entertain the emperor. Swift show how human beings elect leaders through idiotic and absurd trials and tests. We do not elect leaders who are qualified and prepared to be leaders, but we select them through silly trials. To get reelected people do not try to do a good job while they are leader, but they increase their strength and dexterity. The leaders would even allow for their own citizens to be eaten; the emperor gives Gulliver Lilliputians and allows him to eat them. The Lilliputians are creatures who try to be the strongest, and this shows how humans want to always win and be on top; it’s human nature. They do not care who is hurt as long as they succeed and are safe. When Gulliver was in the Houyhnhnms humans were represented…