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Monkey See Monkey Do Have you ever seen someone who sees something in the television and mimics it after seeing it. Would seeing a show that promotes friendly atmospheres be worst for a young teenager, or is watching a show about violence, partying, alcohol, and sex be better for the young audience. Jersey Shore, a MTV Reality show, is about a household of people who party and drink in every episode. They drink irresponsibly, they are not afraid to pick a fight, and treat every women as if the man was in war with women. 30 Days, a FX show, is about a person who lives with someone who is the opposite and lives with the other person for thirty days. “Straight Man in Gay World” is an episode from 30 Days and is about a straight man who lives by the bible has to live in San Francisco where a city is full of gay people. Every parent knows that when there child sees something they will most likely to adapt to it. 30 Days is better then Jersey Shore because it has a better example for a young teenagers treatment to others, it does not promote violence, and it shows good parenting. One way a young persons characteristics will change is how the two shows deal with the treatment of people.In Andrea Canning and Elizabeth Stuart’s article “Reality Show Violence Getting Too Real?” point out that people now see that television “sends a message to viewers that its something that’s socially acceptable to our society.” The purpose of “Straight Man in Gay World” is to create a friendship, while “Fade To Black” is about a couple of men looking for women to spend the night with. In 30 Days Ryan meets new people that in his mind are bad people. Throughout the show he becomes more comfortable and is able to call some of them his friend. Ryan then goes to a gay cub with his roommate. Within the thirty days that he lives with him, Ryan then sees his roommate as a brother in a way. “Faded To Black” treats others in a different way. Mike, also known as The Situation, says that women are like war; when he sees a unattractive girl he refers to her as a “grenade.” Mike also says he forgot his bulletproof vest when in a discussion with a girl he brings home. When a teenagers see either show the outcome of their behavior will differ. One that watches Jersey Shore will start to act like the people in the show because they see the actors are famous; however, after they see 30 Days they will see that everyone is alike and will be friendlier. What one believes when watching “Fade To Black” is that they way the people in the show treat each other and other people they meet is okay; once the audience figures this out they will treat females and males just how they see in the show. Parents and adults will see this as something bad. But by watching 30 Days the behavior of the kids watching will be the opposite. For some stereotypes will be clear to them that what they think of people is wrong. This will be more friendly to parents and will teach kids a valuable lesson to people to not to judge people just on their thoughts. Each of these television series affect everyone in a different way, and the viewers will see how 30 Days has a more friendly atmosphere then Jersey Shore. Another thing that can change the audiences characteristic is violence. Paige Pfleger’s article “Controlling Your Reality” states that people “want to aspire to these behaviors with the goal of becoming famous.” For example teenagers have been inspired to do the same things as they see in Jersey Shore. In the episode “Faded to Black,” there was a moment where all the cast members were in a bar having a good time and there were people taking their drinks. Instead of preventing violence a man who was taking the drinks hits Snooki, a cast member, in the face. But in 30 Days they were in a bar as well and there was conflict between Ryan and a person in the bar; however, in this show violence was prevented by Ryan leaving the bar without having a punch thrown. If teenagers see Jersey Shore