Monkeyman's Recovery: A Short Story

Words: 1590
Pages: 7

The Tigros were close. They had recruited more than double the number of people they had before. The Tigros were still wreaking havoc across the town of Harlem, and Clean was still hunting Monkeyman down. It was the day after Monkeyman’s recovery from being stabbed by an alcoholic. The doctors told him to rest in the hospital for another day, but Monkeyman wanted to leave. Every now and then Clean would visit him, and it wasn’t the friendly kind of visit. Clean could kill him whenever he wanted to. Clean would hold a knife up to Monkeyman’s neck, and then laugh at his faceless expression. Monkeyman couldn’t do anything. The police couldn’t do anything to Clean or the Tigros until they actually did something. Monkeyman didn’t bother telling because he knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. But, there was one person who was always by Monkeyman’s side, Peaches. Peaches would stay at the hospital day and night waiting for his recovery. Monkeyman was going to skip the rest of high school and go to the art school in Pittsburgh. He had already scheduled a carpool to pick them up when Monkeyman got out of the hospital. …show more content…
Peaches was sleeping on the desk next to Monkeyman. The doctors came in told him he could leave whenever he wanted to. It was just about the time Clean visited Monkeyman every few days. Monkeyman needed to get out of there before Clean arrived. He woke Peaches up and they ran out to the front desk. Monkeyman and Peaches ran out the front door and went to an alley thinking they were safe. Peaches tripped. Monkeyman went back to help her up, but then he felt a cold metal on the back of his