Monologue: Father and Professional Party Planner Essay

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Putting on makeup – looking into a mirror
My names Dhalia
Here - I stole this from the mall. It's not my color,
What you think I’m going to get up to give it to you?
Fine whatever don’t get up, keep your veiny forehead biotch!
I mean you already have drugstore make-up on…tragic.
As you know, I am now a professional party planner and my mom wants me to professionally plan a party. Although I have no experience my mom just told me I can get my nanny to do it.
My nanny does everything for me,
About the party, I think I’m going to and have a pony station where people can get their picture taken with a pony, Mom told me to theme it around murder, but who wants death and gore when they can have lollipops and ponies? I mean the 31st of October only happens once right?
‘It’s so claustrophobic’ (walk to the side of the room and open a window)
Mommy and Dad are getting a divorce, I think its cause she wants to screw the neighbour down the street. I think they are being so unreasonable. I mean, first my boyfriend gets me a bouquet of flowers for my birthday, that is so cleache
I was like this is all you can do? Fucking flowers? Janet got flowers, emily got flowers!
You think I’m not any more special than janet or emily? Is that what your trying to tell me boyfriend???
Because I’m a catch, I’m way better than janet and emily or even jessica, okay I’ll give it to jessica shes hot but only good at oral sex, but that is so besides the point
What I just don’t