Monologue-Merit Essay

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Why don’t i have a choice to make the decision of who i want as a husband and have as the father of my children? My father created three caskets. The one man who is able to choose the right casket, i will be made their wife.

What if i don’t accept the man who chooses the right casket?, i would have to suffer through unhappiness, does my father want that to happen to me? Knowing his daughter isn’t happy. I thought parents would want to see their children living with happiness and joy in their life.

Not this, feeling like a prisoner, being trapped with no way out and having to follow rules that have been set out by my father, even if he isn’t alive. I am a woman who has no father or mother and I have managed to become an independent woman who is capable enough to make her own decisions, and know who is right for me. It is not right for me, being the prize to the one to choose the right casket, im demanded to be theirs. Oh me, the word ‘choose’! i may neither choose who I would nor refuse who I dislike; so is the will of a living daughter curbed by the will of a dead father. Is it not hard, that i cannot choose, nor refuse none?

I'm wondering now who is going to be choosing the casket, Hopefully it is a man who will accept me and will rightly love me until i die…

Hmph…. are these the men who are going to be choosing the casket? Well I'm not in any way willing to become any of these men’s wife, by looking at their instagram photos, i can tell already that they will take advantage of being with me and only caring about my fortune.

Oh gosh i am horrified of what they do for a living, what is that? a man who is so interested in horses and another man who takes the most awful selfies. I don't want to be living with a man who does boring hobbies for a living or even looks so hideous. I want a man who will excite me and someone i am attracted too, so that my children will turn out beautiful or handsome, of course.
Well from what i have seen so far, It doesn't seem like any of these men would be interested in a happy marriage with me nor are do they seem suitable for me. As i have high expectations.

Is this Prince Morocco… he seems like a pleasant guy with a good heart, as i can say. He is definitely better than the other men i have looked at on instagram. But if he has a condition of a saint and the complexion of a devil, I would rather he shrive me than wive me. Fear not, i should be glad of his approach and see that he will choose the wrong casket.

And is this Prince Arragon, is it just me, but he does not seem like a guy who would have the intelligence to choose the right casket, as his own intelligence might lead him to the wrong casket. I am confident that he will choose wrong and i will be thrilled that i would not have to be stuck with a fool like him.
Bassanio, Oh he could be the one, as one look at his pictures, i could tell. That smile of joy with his friend. I can imagine him smiling at me, being happy to be with me and making me feel like i am the most special women in the