Essay Monologue: To Kill a Mockingbird and Mr Underwood

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Thank God I was there to save the children, My Children! I’ve looked over them for years. I laughed with them and at them through times such as when they built the snowman. I remember hearing Miss Stephanie; nasty gossip that she is was spreading rumours to neighbours that I was looking through her window at night. I couldn’t imagine how she could dare to state such a thing as I have never been on her property.
While my brother went out to the town to get the paper and other supplies, I would quickly sneak out, while no one was looking of course, to put gifts inside a tree knothole that the children would walk past, I tried to give these little treasures to my children as they gave me a gift that I could never repay which was to let me relive and see their adventures through their eyes.
I remember the time when Miss Maudie’s house was producing fierce red flames and the whole neighbourhood came together to try to put it out and salvage whatever was left inside. Unluckily the house burnt to the ground. During this I saw Scout standing there trembling and as it was during the night, everyone was focusing on the fire, I ran out and wrapped a blanket around her so she would warm up, then I snuck back inside where I would wait tirelessly for something to happen.
My days are long, so reading the paper helps the hours pass and keeps me informed about events in Maycomb. I especially love reading the editorial as it would usually humour me since the author Mr Underwood would usually just make it up out of his own mind. Mr Underwood did not actually leave his home but rather the stories came to him. He didn’t like the justice system being allowed to kill anyone who was obviously innocent. I remember reading the editorial each day about the trial. Even though Mr Underwood portrayed Mr Ewell as a hero it could be seen just by comparing his writing style a week ago to now, that even he believed Tom was innocent. He found it difficult to show this as he despised Negroes.
The only reason Tom was found guilty was due to the fact that he was a Negro and Mr Ewell was white. The whole town knew it but only a few courage folks stood up. This reason just sickens me since it shouldn’t matter whether you’re coloured folk or not. By the way my children’s faces were walking past, it did to them also. Especially Jem as he was furious that Tom was convicted as he thought Atticus had it in the bag. Scout on the other hand did not come to grips of what was fully happening but she was still angry that Mr Ewell won the court battle. Later on after the court battle, Mr Ewell was acting out and was starting to make threats and so if he acted out these threats on the children, I would have to do something.
I did…