Monotheism: Monotheism and Similar Characteristics Essay

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Monotheism essay prep.
Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are three religions that share similar characteristics. This essay will emphasize the same characteristics, but also how each characteristic is different in these religions as well. The three similar characteristics are having a house of worship, a certain holy of the week, and an afterlife (“heaven/hell”). Despite what other readers may think, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam share similar characteristics in their own way. The first similarity between these religions is having a house of worship. Basically this means that the followers of each religion go to their house of worship and devote their time to the practice of their religion while they’re there. For example, Muslims have a mosque, Christians have a church, and Jews have a temple. Even though the whole style and “events” of these places are different, their purpose is for the the idea of worship. Overall, this shows how each religion is similar by where they go to worship. Another similarity of these religions is having a holy day of the week. The holy day of the work is for the purpose of actually being holy and having a day of rest. For example, Christians have the Sabbath (Sunday), Jews have Shabbat (Saturday), and Muslims have a Jumu’ah. During these days, the followers of each religion will go to their place of worship, pray, and rest that day. Overall, this shows how each of these religions have a holy day of the week for basically the same purpose. The last and most major similarity is that they are all