Monsanto Argumentative Essay

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The world is becoming more and more populated every day. Statistics show that by 2050 the world will be populated by over nine billion people (“Genetically Modified 1”). Along with the population increase comes the struggle to find more sustainable methods for mothers to feed their children and fathers to put food on the table. We are not talking about the economical impact it poses, but rather how we will be able to produce the food needed to feed our ever growing population. However, our solution is simple. That solution is Genetically Modified Organisms. The GE (Genetically Engineered) crops of today are produced mostly by The Monsanto Corporation. Monsanto claims that their GE crops are transgenic plants that are made by adding a dsRNA ( double stranded Ribonucleic Acid) strain from the common bacteria Bacillus Thuringiensis, commonly referred to as BT to the plant's DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) genome. The BT strain makes the plant harmful to the Alkali digestive system of insects. This allows the plants to be more cost effective for the moncure farmer of today, as well as making the workload on the already short handed farmers (“Genetically Modified 1”).
The organic plants that have been
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Many people believe that since the Monsanto Corporation and its Roundup Ready seeds dominate the market, that its popularity and economic impact is so large that it is driving the company to “rig” their research data. This makes the data work in the way that makes their product look the best, while hiding its flaws from the public eye. Also, people like Dr. Peggy Lemaux of The University of California in Berkeley say that the overuse of the BT strain have lead to an unnatural speed of natural selection that has lead to certain pests to be able to become immune to the BT strain that is in the seeds. Thus leading to the decreased yielding gaps between GMOs and their organic counterparts (“Genetically Modified