Monsanto Company Annual Report 2012 Essay

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Monsanto Company Annual Report 2012
Pg. 7
X Annual Report to shareholders with letter from Chief Executive Officer and SEC Form 10-K as part of the annual report to shareholders.
Financial highlights 2nd and 6th page of the AR
Management’s Discussion Pgs. 18-32
Income Statement Pg. 41
Balance Sheet Pg. 42
Statement of Change Pg. 44
Statement of Cash Flows Pg. 43
Chief Executive Officer Letter 3rd page of AR
Notes to Finances Pg. 45
Report of Independent Accts Pg. 92
5 or 10 year summary Pg. 17
Management’s Report Pg. 37
Investor/Company Info Pg. 94

Pg. 9
Why you selected the company? _________________________________________

Pg. 10
Chapter 1
Q1- Monsanto Company
Q2- 800 North Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, Missouri
Q3- (314) 694-1000
Q5- New York Stock Exchange

Pg. 11
Q7- SIC Code: 2879 Sectors/Industry: Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals
Q8- 7 Board members
Q9- One director is a company employee. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Monsanto Company. Six directors are non-employees of Monsanto, but are on the Monsanto Board.

Pg. 12
Q10- Monsanto Second-Quarter 2013 Earnings Release, April 3, 2013, 8:30am

Pg. 13
Q1- Chairman Grant’s message was uplifting and encouraging for the future. He reported “Up to 25% ongoing earnings per share growth” for shareholders. He discussed that strong results were achieved for the business and customers. Investing in farmers is the plan of the future and they are expanding the company into agriculture.
Q2- X Vertical X Stability
“Growth is emerging.” “Added 2 areas to our pipeline to join breeding powerhouse with agronomic solutions- Integrated Farming Systems and Agricultural Biologicals: “As you invest in us, we invest in developing new technologies for growers.”

Pg. 14
Q3- Global provider of agricultural products for farmers Seeds and Genomics & Agricultural Productivity
Farmers- To reduce the cost of farming and produce better foods for consumers and better feed for animals
Seeds, biotechnology trait products and herbicides
Pg. 15
Q4- Other: Agricultural concerns regarding chemicals used in crops- Pesticide issues

Pg. 16
Q1- X Stability
Monsanto appears to be a company that has a stability strategy. Change is happening gradually within the company and the goal is to continue to grow. Two new sectors have been added which confirms growth. The projection for the future is to “invest in farmers” and “developing new technologies for growers.”

Pg. 17
Q1- In millions
Current Year 1 Year Prior 2 Years Prior $13,504 $11,822 $10,483 $2,045 $1,607 $1,096 $3.79 $2.96 $1.99 N/A N/A N/A

Pg. 18 Continued…
Monsanto is performing better in 2012, than in 2011. Although it is slight, the data illustrates that performance has been improving for the last 2 years.
Q1- Category Message Volunteer activities Nature exhibits and celebrations Political announcements Endorsements of Honey Bee Health

These are a variety of ways Monsanto is showing an involvement in the community, especially in the area of agriculture.
Pg. 19 Results of Operations
Net sales increased because of Genomics segment net sales and Agricultural Productivity net sales
Gross profit increased
Operating expenses increased because of higher spending for marketing and administrative functions
Interest expense increased because of increased customer financing activities
Other expenses increased due to a legal settlement for claims
Income tax provision increased due to an increase in pretax income from continuing operations

Pg. 20 Liquidity
A major source of Monsanto’s liquidity is operating cash flows that are derived from net income. When short-term cash needs are insufficient, commercial paper borrowing are utilized. There were no outstanding borrowings at year’s end.
Capital Resources
Monsanto has a $2 billion credit facility agreement. All debts were in compliance at year’s end. Total debt outstanding decreased from the previous year.
Q1- Management of