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o The film's narrative is constructed around the erection of the wedding tent by PK Dubey. o The romance entanglements of the Punjabi family is played out against this "manufactured" nuptial event. o traces five intersecting stories, each navigating through different aspects of love of during a traditional Punjabi wedding in Delhi.
In essence: o The love between a couple married for 25 years, teenage lust, the bride’s tryst with her lover the night before her arranged marriage to another man, family incest all in a middle-class Punjabi household. o the troubled dynamics between the future bride (aditi) and groom resonate in various ways in the hesitant courtship between wedding planner Dubey and the Verma family's young
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What is more effective than the low key arrival of the Ria’s Uncle from England? In a complete reversion of Bollywood style (compare this to the introduction to the British colonial in Lagaan), Nair chooses to introduce the main protagonist in a low key moment. While the other characters make their way into film chauffeured in by the Australian idiot, Ruhal, Nair does an Altman by camouflaging Uncle Tej’s arrival in the sea of activity of the engagement party. But Nair does not let go of this moment, instead choosing to pause on Ria’s reunion with her uncle and then her tears of sadness for who the audience presumes is her father, but in fact is the bitter reminder of the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of the said Uncle. In this sequence,
Nair uses the camera to peruse the Uncle from above the crowd until the moment that he meets Ria eye-to eye. (taken from Prof Pia analysis)

the cinematography in the scenes between P.K. and Alice is associated with the orange of the marigold, a