Monster University: Summary

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Monster University (2013) is about two monsters Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan. Mike is a little monster who knows all the scare tactics in the book and wants to be a scarer despite not being physically scary. James P. Sullivan (Sully) is a monster who is scary but doesn’t know all the scare tactics. He also wants to be a scarer. They both go to Monster University Scare School. During the scare final, Mike and Sully got into a “scare fight” and they knocked over the Dean Hardscrabble’s scream can, which contained her scream record. To get back in the scare program they join Oozma Kappa (OK), and entered in the scare games. They made it through the first scarer games activity by someone else cheating. The second event they won by using distractions and misdirection. After being humiliated they went to see Monsters Inc. and it made a huge difference. The third activity was not scaring the teenagers; they did a fantastic job. The fourth activity on where you had to hide so that the referee didn’t see them, they used their skills to really hide. They made OK into scarers by using their natural talent. In the last activity sully cheated for Mike. They made the …show more content…
In Mike case, he wanted to go to college because of what he saw on a field trip when he was little. He was the less scary monster of the bunch, and he was very little compared to everyone else. In the scene about the field trip, he went over the safety line, and ended up sneaking into a child’s room, then saw the scarer scare the child and just loved it. The scarer didn’t know little Mike was in the room with him. That scarer gave little Mike is his hat and told him good job. That’s what sparked him wanting to go to Monster University. Now what we learned about Sully’s dad Bill Sullivan we know that he is a famous scarer, and he was a Roar Omega Roar. Sully was walking in his dad’s footsteps. We don’t know why he went to Monster