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The Journal

The book monster by Walter Dean Myers takes place in Manhattan and Harlem, New York City, mostly in a city lockup, but sometimes in the neighborhood where Steve Harmon lives. Steven Harmon is a sixteen year old young Black man who has been arrested for acting as the look out in robbery that goes bad and ends up in a murder. He is the narrator for the story and also writing it in the form of a screenplay interspersed with his journal entries. Steve must come to terms with who he really so his screenplay and his journal entries are away to try to make sense of what he has done or has not been done in his life, and what has brought him to the point of prison. By the end of the story his doubts and his fears about which he really is have not yet been completely resolved.

I compared this to a story my friends uncle told me about this friend past and how he was in the past and now in the future .He said my friend was a really bad kid getting into fights and do stuff he wasn’t post to do in the past he was jailed many time but one day his mother gave him a talk to look at his future now in prison after that he looked back at what he done now changed him he changed himself and stared his own business that is going really nice.

The difficult part in this activity was relating it to my experience because this book is different to what I mostly read too I never really chosen a book like this before, I just gave it a try and it hard to relate to something that never