Montresors Short Story

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They often threw the parties at Montresors home because his family owned a wine vineyard and their wine cellar was full of wine. Fortunato didn't really mind the parties being thrown at Montresors home, but he wished he could throw one. Soon the parties got better and better, and they were well know everywhere for their drunken, crazed parties. One day Montesors and Fortunato where shooting clay pigeons in Montresors large backyard. Fortunato wanted to ask Montresors if he could maybe throw a party at his father's restaurant. “Pull” said Montresors

Montresor was and good shot, and he aimed fast and pulled the trier. The shotgun made the loudest booming sound that left both Fortunato and Montresors ringing. The clay pigeon shattered into a peaces. Montresor laughed and looked back at Fortunato with the most cocky look on his face.

Montresor quickly
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The two continued to clean up the aftermath of the crazy events that took place that night. A couple of weeks pasted after Fortunato's party. Montresor, had found out the reason not as many people showed up to Fortunato's party. Everyone liked Montresor a lot more than Fortunato, because his family was richer. And when Fortunato found out that everyone favored Montresor because of his wealth a little bit of jealousy set in. He wished people didn't favor Montresor because of money. Mid December Montresor family had been planing to sell a new wine called Amontillado. Montresor was planing a huge party to drum up business for the new wine. Fortunato had tasted the wine it was the best wine he had tasted in Italy. He knew it would draw people in from all over Italy just to taste some. This would make Montresor's family even more wealth Fortunato thought that Montresor would forget there friendship. He also desperately wanted to be liked by people he hated that the only characteristics people valued was