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Comments section: You can also rate pain, anxiety, current or new behaviours or anything else which is relevant to you.

Monitoring Your Progress
Below are some ideas for making the most of your visit to see your GP or Psychiatrist and ways that you can monitor your own progress The Daily Mood Chart 1. Using the daily chart, to give a global assessment on a day-to-day basis of mood, sleep, activities, significant events, both positive and negative. 2. This is best done at the same time each day. You can plot both a morning and evening mood level, if required. 3. You can also use this to monitor alcohol, other substances (either chart or mark amount in numbers), pain levels, episodes of anxiety and new activities started. 4. You should also enter any changes in medication (prescribed or otherwise). Keep a journal 1. This can be for your own thoughts or as a logbook of things you wish to remember. 2. You can write for about 10 minutes a day, whatever comes into your head. You can write about what you are going through, what you need to plan or do, anything that is meaningful to you. Review treatment and lifestyle goals on a regular basis This can be done in your journal or using the Goal Setting sheet. Keep a list of questions you have 1. It can be hard to recall questions when you’re there in the consultation, so keep a list of your questions and take it with you. It is often useful to take someone else with you, especially if you are very worried or…