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Mood Disorders When I was in high school, I read a book called “The strange case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde” by Stevenson. It tells us the story of a scientist who thought that a man could have a good and evil side. He made and drank a potion that would take out his evil side “Mr.Hyde” and as long as he would take the potion again, he would go back to “Dr. Jeckyll. Unfortunately, after a while he’s not able to control the mood swings. I think this is a bipolar disorder because he experiences mixed episodes of mania and depression. When he turns to Mr. Hyde, he experiences a manic episode in which he thinks he’s invincible and can do anything he wants. He doesn’t sleep for many days and gets involved in high-risk activities like drinking alcohol and committing crimes. After being happy with his experiment, Dr. Jeckyll experiences depressive episodes after Mr. Hyde kills a person and when he discovers he cannot control his evil side. He’s really tired because of the lack of sleep trying to find a cure; there is a lot of guilt in him because of the actions he committed and an extreme anxiety. Since he desperately tried to find a cure and couldn’t make it, he probably thought that there wasn’t anything else he or anybody else could do to his problem, so he committed suicide by drinking a poison. One of the reasons I think he developed this disorder was because he was a wealthy and honorable man always living by the standards of do this and don’t do that. So he wasn’t able