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Introduction to Humanities

L’oveMARvelous Art Gallery 211

Amber Hardwood




I decided to go to the L’oveMARvelous Art Gallery 211 in Kissimmee, FL. It was nice places to go to because it was in downtown Kissimmee so it had a little town feels. The art gallery was in a strip of shops which went from a law office to a thrift shop. So to me it was a little different than a normal art gallery that I have been to. Upon walking in I noticed the different kinds of artist that ranged from an air brush artist to the spatter kinds of paintings. The flow of the gallery was easy to because it was a walk through style instead of the room type. Since it was this type of gallery there was kind of no one at the gallery. So this gave me a chance to take my time and look at every piece in the gallery to comprehend the different styles they had. The majority of the paintings where acrylic paint but they had all kinds of styles there. They had when you walked in a hood and a motorcycle tank that was air brushed. In the back corner they had a lot of metal sculptures and also some old tin toys. It was interesting to see the different style of art since I always thought of art as just a painting.

The painting that stuck out to me was a very simple piece of the moon on a cloudy day. It was called “Tsuki”. It was a basic black and white piece that had the moon centered and it was a cloudy night. The only other thing in the painting that stuck out was a branch sticking out from a tree which is not pictured. To me these kinds of paintings intrigue me because they can be interpreted many different ways as me and the girl Gina working there was talking about. Like with this one say could look at it and say that it’s a moon rising in a foggy place. While another person could say that it’s the moon descending while the clouds are coming out for the day time. That’s the thing that I like about these types of art it’s all in the eyes of the person looking at it. The pieces around mine were opposite of that because they were bright pieces with the sun either coming up or around mid day. The other pieces around the painting were of bright colors and suns either rising or about to set. The pieces around mine were painted by a familiar name Susan Sloan.

The painting”Tsuki” you have a moon that is about dead center in the canvas that almost seems like it is actually light. Around the moon you have a light shade of blue that fades into black which is the background for the top part of the painting. Now on the bottom of the painting is a flowing range of clouds have depth and looks almost like cotton that if you touched would be soft. The most noticeable thing standing out if a stick with twig and leafs going off of it. The stick is a grayish color and seems almost dead or has very little life left.

“Tsuki” is an acrylic paint based painting that uses a base of darker colors with light colors to accent different parts. You have a dark sky with a bright moon and low laying clouds that make it look like you’re looking down on the clouds. Then there is a twig that pokes out of the bottom left corner. With this little addition to the painting it makes it seem as if you were maybe coming out of a woods line in a mountain and looking down on the sky line. The layout of the paint though can be interpreted many different way also.

Painting interpretations can vary from person to person because the way someone looks at one thing can be completely different as the next. With this painting this is a great example of that because of the way it is set up. You could look at it and say that you’re laying down looking up at the moon and watching the clouds pass by. While another person could say that you’re on the side of a mountain looking out at the sky and seeing out over the skyline since the lower clouds are fluffy looking while the ones over it are thinner and seem to be higher.

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