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Book Report
Based on your Chinatown Experience complete the following essay. Write a comparison of Moon Shadow’s experience in San Francisco’s Chinatown to your experience of New York’s Chinatown. Tell what you have learnt about Chinese Immigration in America………….

Moon Shadow and I had quite a few similarities when we had our first experience in either San Francisco’s Chinatown or New York’s Chinatown. My experience in Chinatown’s Museum of Chinese (MOCA) also taught me about Chinese Immigration in America. In this essay I will explain the similarities moon shadow and I had and what I think about Chinese Immigration. As Moon shadow and I neared Chinatown we saw plenty of Chinese (Tang) people bustling along in the streets and the sidewalks. What interested us both, were the many shops- grocery and herbal sores, clothing and laundries, and how they sold their products rapidly. We both noticed that the buildings around us were bright in color. Their signs were painted in the demonic language and in the Tang’s people symbols. At first, Moon Shadow and I were both a little shy at first because we were in a completely different place. We were shy because Moon Shadow was not comfort table being in the city until he reached the Chinese part of it, and I was not so comfortable being in the midst of a place because I did not know the area. I guess you could say we wouldn’t be comfortable in a new place until we got used to it. Moon Shadow and I were also aware of the sayings of Confucius, a