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Should abortion be illegal in the US?

Abortion has been one of the most controversial topics in America’s history. Some people believe it’s the mother's right of her body and her choice. Others say that a baby is human as soon as it is conceived. Killing a baby no matter what stage of its life is morally wrong. There are many reasons why it should be banned; it's very harmful for the mother's health psychically and mentally, the mother may become depressed, and the aftermath could end in death or serious complications. Banning abortion would be a big milestone for America’s history but could also cause many difficulties with women’s rights. The emotional pain of an abortion for a woman is scarring and truly never disappears. According to, fifty eight percent of women have nightmares and insomnia. Women tend to feel regret, anxiety, guilt, mild depression and other negative emotions after having an abortion. Emotional pain can lead to a woman physically hurting themselves to thoughts of suicide. Even with the use of anesthesia, around 97% of women who have had abortions state that the pain during the operation was "intense," "severe" or "very severe.” “Compared to other pains, researchers have rated the pain from abortion as more painful than a bone fracture, about the same as cancer pain, though not as painful as an amputation.” Those researchers also state that nearly 200 women have died from documented abortions since the early 70s. The risk of death increases due to the length of pregnancy and how difficult the abortion may be. Physical complications come along with having an abortion. The immediate aftermath can be issues such as ripping of the uterus, excessive bleeding, and infection. There have been more severe complications including cervical cancer, possible handicapped children in successful pregnancies, and pelvic inflammatory disease. Many more problems can occur and are very possible for every woman. Teenage pregnancies are more at risk for such discrepancies. The problems that come along with having an abortion are life changing. Whether emotional guilt or an actual physical disorder, a mother is putting herself in harms way with making such a decision. One of the biggest arguments towards abortion is the religious aspect. As a Catholic, the Bible tells that a chance of life is to be given to every single human. Taking that life away is morally corrupt and against God’s wishes. Having an abortion