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“Why I Support Unions”
I support American Labor unions for many reasons concerning not only myself but also other Americans in the workforce that are working to provide for their selves as well as their families. Some of the main reasons I agree with the regulations of the union are the minimum wage acts, civil rights act, workers compensation, and the workplace safety standards and regulations. More so the labor unions were ultimately formed to protect the rights of individuals working. I think by these laws being put into place if one worker disagreed upon an company action he could easily be fired, Labor unions were formed to protect the rights of the individual workers. WI though the labor unions being put into place without a strong countervailing force like organized labor.
In supporting any organization or movement it's important to know the roles that they play in individuals lives. A union that's considered to be local is one that consists of members that live or work in that area for an employee which has labor unions established. They are chartered from unions that are national or international unions such as the United Auto Workers, which was founded as part of the Congress of Industrial Organizations in the 1930s. A local union could also consist of workers from the same region along with the companies their affiliated with for employment, with exception sometimes of having a business sector employed by different companies. Labor unions are known to have an outstanding relationship and bright connections with several employers over time. Although some people think that they intentionally cause trouble in the workplace between the employee and employer, I beg to differ since they offer a lot of benefits that wouldn't be in place if they didn't exist. I believe that they represent solidarity for those in the working sector, and the joining of professions voicing their opinions on wages & rights. Records indicate as of 2005 there were about 16 million people that were members of a labor union, and although there was a high peak in in 1945 when about 40 percent of workers that were nonagricultural joined the union. Labor unions have a great amount of power they oversee in companies for the employee not only in the United States but other countries as well that does implement labor unions in the workforce. They also play a major role in the commerce of the United States and the growth of the economy.
The process that American Labor Unions use to become in existence is another reason why I support labor unions in the workplace. I feel that they take the necessary steps to ensure that all procedures of the work environed for the benefit of the employees & employers are followed under their guidelines. The bargaining unit, a group of employees with a clear and identifiable community of interests who are represented by a single labor union in collective bargaining and other dealings with management. Although the bargaining unit is what unions seek to find in a company, it is legal for companies to convince their employees not to unionize for their own reasons, & becomes illegal when they try to threaten, bring violence, or other malicious intent to employees that choose to join a union. The second step is to have the employer in good terms with the union, which is an agreement reached up having a collective bargaining agreement, that is put in place from a negotiated agreement between a labor union and an employer that sets terms of employment for members of that union including wages & benefits. Thereafter the company & the union is satisfied with the collective bargaining agreement being signed, resulting in the employer not being able to change any details of it without a representative's approval from the union. Once the labor union is in full effect, they will continue to look for potential members that could join and have strong leadership skills. One of the main priorities of unions is ensuring that they feel as