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Mopeds for America! : Hello, I have begun to type this paper ,but for what reason you ask? Why, to spread joy, prosperity and savings to America. What joy is this you ask? Why, the moped of course! Now before you decide that mopeds are lame and decide that this document is not worth my time. Allow me to enlighten you. Now I know what you’re thinking why a scooter? Well scooters are lightweight, cheap, fashionable, fuel efficient, and practical (unless if it snows year round). A lot of people are turned off by vehicles with two wheels and that makes sense, “I want the security of a car”; but smaller vehicles really are safer, you’re less likely to get into an accident and those who do so are foolish. And mopeds are super easy to park, a lot of places will actually let you park for free or have exclusive parking spots. All you have to do is pull in sideways near the front of the parking space so no one runs over your scooter. They have all the same functions as a car like headlights, blinkers, a trunk, mirrors a speedometer, only some of them only have seating for one, which isn’t a big deal as it is intended for fuel efficient personal transport. I am telling you this as a moped fanatic and driver who really enjoys getting one hundred and ten miles to the gallon, and enjoys the fresh air and thrill of driving a moped. Perhaps you’re not convinced, that would be interesting, I suppose there always is the factor of you can only get up to about forty miles per hour (that is not requiring a motorcycle license), and I guess you could call them expensive but really they only range from nine-hundred to three thousand dollars, unless if you want to spend a lot of money you could buy an impractical moped then. Wow this guy hasn’t even explained to me what a moped is yet I’m already convinced that I’m getting one! Well if you really would like to know a moped often called a scooter is kind of a motorized bike, except not. Mopeds are personalized vehicles with a small engine. They have a plastic shell and are designed to be used for moving around your city, or other cities but highway travel can be an issue, being that you will get ran over… They have a two-four stroke engine with 8-15 Horse Power, they are incredibly maneuverable come in a variety of sizes shapes and colors and are highly customizable. For example my good friend xxxx tricked out his 1982 moped to have strobe lights going whenever he honks his horn. “Mopeds are the slickest way to look groovy” – xxxx
There is the feminine factor to a moped which I think is non-existent, but the stereotypical moped engine sounds like a tea kettle (not true) and it has a feminine horn, but these mopeds are beautiful pieces of machinery. Mopeds are primarily used in Europe but are catching on in the United States and have many…