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Hannah, I have captured few Marketing ideas for our discussion tomorrow. The marketing strategy should include how best we can leverage the details below to maximize revenue and build a brand. This is some initial thoughts but I am sure you know lot more so lets discuss them.

Target Customers Local Clients (< 5 Miles)– Colony and nearby surrounding
 Visitors (those staying in nearby hotels and are regular travellers)
 Remote Clients (> 5 Miles) – Lewisville, Plano, Carrollton, McKinney, Frisco and Prosper
 Corporate Clients
 Partners Clients
Marketing Ideas  Special events – Music Band, Sports, Fights etc.
Calendar in the drink menu, on the door before people go out
 Happy Hours
Each day have a different special
 Promotions
A different promotion each week
 Loyalty Rewards
 Sweepstakes
 Volume Discounts
 Corporate Discounts
Frisco Chamber of Commerce
WOW factor- chocolate chip cookies fresh with label on it
Business cars
Local organizations
Press releases
Marketing Channel Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and Goggle +, Yelp, Four Square, Bing
News paper
Groupon/living social
Partners Channel
Monthly print news letter
Postcards: 1 a month with different offers
Survey cards—for feedback and development of testimonials
Birthday offer postcard
Half birthday

Who are our competitors in the area?
How is their pricing?

Competition with wait staff: who can get the most emails/best ratings, base off surveys and ratings
Weekly meeting with me and manager, Biweekly meeting with me and staff to show how to get more tips
Employee appreciation- take a photo of staff working with food
Win tickets and dinner for 2 at : Share this contest with your friends and increase your chances of winning
Photo contests
Include a link on your menu
Put website and fb on receipts
Create an event that fits your business
Set specific exclusive offers (military, student, animal owners)
Run or sponsor a local event in the community
Purchase lawn signs and place them strategically around town
Holiday promotions
Signage- visible, clean
Visit online meetup and find a local networking event to attend
Promotional items
Promote and show off new menu items
Update customers on new projects such as opening or remodels
Smart Phones and Foodies
20% text others about their dining plans
19% search for restaurants that appeal to them
18% look up menus
18% get directions
19% update Facebook
24% take a photo of their meals and companions
Now if you are thinking that these percentages are too low to bother about remember that in the U.S. about 24% of people online are creators and 37% are critics (Forrester Research) and that small group of young people texting in your restaurant are the influential trend setters telling their friends, and complete strangers, what they think about your food, service and establishment. The study from MarketResearch 2.0 also shows that 85% of respondents trust online reviews from fellow diners more than reviews from professionals and food sites. Not everybody in your restaurant is actually online while they are there but it is likely, especially if your clientele is under 45, that more than half of them read online restaurant reviews. What will they find out about you?
Restaurant Marketing Tips for the Mobile Foodie
The mobile and social media revolution is well on its way. There are still some details about the best platform or what apps work best but these details are not excuses for non-action.
Update/create your profiles on Google Places, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, UrbanSpoon, and OpenTable
Get listed in your local city or chamber of commerce directory