Essay on Moral: Nonviolence and morally Good Person

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Ethics : Moral

Martin Luther King jr, Mahatma Gandhi, and Mother Theresa .
Are they morally good persons?
“A morally good person, I think, Is a person who is intent upon advancing the various goods of human life which with they are affectively in contact”

Martin Luther King jr was an American cleargy man who fought for civil rights in USA, specially for the African American’s one . I believe MLK was a morally good person, because his fight was non-violent , using civil disobedience, and it wasn’t for his own benefit, it was a fight for the victims of racism and non-complience of their rights . He had a reputation of being radical, but no one ever heard about him doing immoral acts . His for the human rights particulary those of the black men was rewarded by the nobel price in 1964 which proves once more his sense of moral.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi , known as Mahatma Gandhu was the leader of the Indian Natinalism in british-ruled India . I would say Gandhi was a morally good person because he was fighting for his people against the colonizer , using non –violence and civil disobedience despite his family was rich and he could not worry about it . Gandhi has also inspired many countries accross the world , with his non violent fight and his way of thinking about the colonized peoples . He chose to give up of material goods of life , and devoted his one to the others which show how high was his sense of moral . He did many years in prison but never step back about his belief . When he was asked to give message to the people , he would respond “My life is a message” a