Essay on moral reasoning

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Lakisha Williams
Influence of Moral Reasoning

The allegations behind the sex scandal at Penn State are horrible. It sadness me to read things like this happening. However, with a history of abuse dating back to 1998 and an investigation that started, the actions of those involved in the handling of the case are called into question. In reading the article, "Scandal at Penn State", the individual that stands out the most to me and the one I chose would be the former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. There are concerns specific to his actions. Former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s proceeding in a grand-jury indictment for preying on young boys. It was discover 40 counts related to sexual abuse of boys over a 15 year span and one with shocking ramifications. He continued with no care, in 1998 a campus police inquiry produced an admission from Sandusky that he'd showered with a boy. The action taken by Sandusky was like he couldn’t stop doing the bad things he was doing, as if it wasn’t wrong. If I was in the same position as him, if it was true and realize I was wrong. I would take my time and I would never do it again. If needed, I would get help because if he is doing things like that, it’s obviously that he need help and need to stay away young children. If I had to hold a position anywhere dealing with children, I would go there and do the right thing and if I didn’t think I can handle the job, I would informed someone and don’t take the job. Jerry Sandusky remains at