Morality and Compromise Essay

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When an individual is faced with the decision of choosing between sacrifice and compromise, one must keep in mind all the factors that benefit the individual, as well as society. The allegory of a sacrifice portrays the relinquishment of something at less than its presumed value. An individual executing sacrifice over compromise would recieve more positive benefits which include; praise in morality, benefits towards a relationship, and a positive affect of propriety towards the individual. The execution of a sacrifice over a compromise, in any given event, withstands a plethora of positive effects, in which the act of a compromise can't achieve. Sacrifice can help improve a relationship. According to the "Sacrifice Vs Compromise" article by Thea Theresa English, one who sacrifices something in order to help benefit the goals of another individual, gains trust and value to the point compromise can't achieve. Also according to the document, the allegory of compromise taking away from sacrifice holds a strong point. Choosing to make a compromise over a sacrifice which is, essentially taking actions into one's own hands, is selfish. The argument on behalf of partaking in a compromise, would induce the idea that a sacrifice is an aggressive route to take, which at times could be unecessary. Sacrifice might also be involved in negative connotation. One's sacrifices might lead to loss of integrity, family and friends for the benefits of fame, etc. These negative traits overall, still aren't overshadowed by a compromise's main fault, the actual prosperity of a compromise, which isn't lengthy. An essential 'overdose' of compromise can