Morality and Digital Citizenship Essay

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In what ways does your daily life and academic work meet the criteria of: “Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.”?
For my daily life as a digital citizen, for example in social networks such as Facebook, when I write a comment or status, my words are going to reflect some of my personality. If I use inappropriate words that means there is a moral defect in me. In an academic work, if I used someone’s ideas or words without citing the source, that means I am a thief. In other words, Digital citizen is an electronic version of who am I, and what is my personality and morals are like. In defining the nine themes of the digital citizenship, I can say that it’s also the nine themes that can be applied to our physical existence. We have to have etiquette in order to be respected, communicating with others, and sharing or exchanging ideas and things should be respectfully acted, maybe not as open as in digital life. Literacy is the most important thing to gain in life, otherwise we could be easily fouled. Access is like a limitation for a certain things for the end users, such as a manager’s authority differs from a normal worker. Commerce and how to be aware of fraudulent is important, maybe it’s more difficult electronically because items are not tangible. Laws, responsibilities, and self protection are the main rules to live a descent life as it’s same for the digital identity. Health and wellness are important; a person can be addicted to anything he likes.
1) Collect info about websites and your use of mobile device. -Hotmail is the main email. -Edgewood mail. -Facebook (Commenting on my friends pictures, Welcoming new friends in my