Essay on Morality and Flame Retardant Agent

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ETHICS SIMULATION EXERCISE SAMPLE QUESTIONS 1. As media buyer at an advertising agency, Nancy Brown negotiates a price of television airtime and then places buys on behalf of the agency’s clients. The agency has a policy against employees accepting gifts from suppliers. Today a courier delivered a gift to Nancy from a salesperson at one of the TV stations. The gift is a paperback copy of the new novel by John Grisham. Nancy has decided not to tell the boss about the gift and is looking forward to reading it. 2. While attending a trade show, Kathy Nagel passed a competitor’s exhibit which was temporarily unattended. Kathy took the 4 remaining free product samples from the competitor’s booth, brought them out behind the convention centre and threw them out. The competitor returned to the booth and discovered the product samples were gone and no more were available for the prospective buyers attending the show. 3. Steve Atkins is the assistant in charge of office supplies for a large accounting firm. In this week’s shipment of supplies Steve discovered a box of staples that was not ordered and that did not appear on the invoice. Steve decided to take the box of staples home without telling his employer. 4. Fiona Connelly’s firm is considering opening a facility in a developing country that is poised for rapid growth in sales of consumer products to the population. Initial contacts with officials in the country left no doubt that approval of the firm’s entry into the market would require a contribution to the ruling political party officials. Other firms have also attempted to enter the market, some of which have made the contribution and some have refused to pay. As CEO of your firm, Fiona has approved payment of the contribution. 5. Greg Vogel is the Marketing Director for a company that makes packaged goods that are relatively high in calories, but are regarded as very tasty. Due to a recent push by the Government to get people to buy calorie reduced products (so-called ‘lite’ products), sales of the product have been decreased recently. Various companies have introduced ‘lite’ products onto the market, but industry practices vary greatly in the use of the word ‘lite’. Greg has decided to market the product as ‘lite’ as the product now has a lighter colour, even though it has only slightly reduced calories. 6. Meg Dempsey decided to buy a new computer for her personal use. She has been able to purchase a state-of-the-art computer at a very low price. But the downside is that it comes with very limited pre-loaded software. Her colleagues at work have mixed feelings on the installation of the software that is strictly for use within the business – some do it and some don’t – and there are no policies within the business to prevent it. Meg decides to install the business software on her personal computer. 7. Nearing the end of the month, Wayne Hall, a salesperson for a wholesale garden supply company, has discovered that he was just short of making his monthly sales budget. Wayne will get commission on all his monthly sales if he exceeds the budget. In order to close a sale that would put him over his goal and deliver him the commission, Wayne has promised a customer a delivery date which will almost certainly be fulfilled. 8. Chris Kemp is the manager of a local toy store. The ‘hottest’ Christmas toy of the year is a “Peter Panda” stuffed animal which is in great demand and almost impossible to find. The store has just taken delivery of 12 “Peter Pandas”, all of which have been promised to people who have paid a deposit to reserve the toy. The manufacturer has assured Chris that the store will get another shipment before Christmas. Chris decides to purchase one of the “Peter Pandas” for her own child and has taken it home. 9. Laura Elkins has been notified by the manufacturer that some of the cars she is selling were produced with incorrect engine control settings that may result in