Morality and religion Essay

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1) Socrates believes that morality is independent of religion. He says that things cannot be holy only for the reason that the gods love them. Not necessarily everything that gods love has to be holy. And there is a conflict between the idea that gods love things because they are holy and things are holy because gods love them. Socrates’ opinion is that things cannot be considered holy because one believes that gods love holy things and the holiness of all things need to be judged on that. He even ends with conversation by saying that Euthypro has failed to explain what holiness through the means of religion.
I personally believe that big part of morality can be based on certain aspects of religion, but not all of it. There is more than one religion, and the ideas of morality in them can be conflicting, leaving people with clashing ideas on what is moral and what is not. Certain things can be judged that way, but the entire essence of morality cannot be based on religion. Morality is a much more complex idea, that is based by society’s and one’s personal beliefs.

2) Holding that ethics depend on religion has implications that people would blindly believe in them and never question how ethical certain actions are. That would make them not think or judge certain aspects of ethics and think of them as guidelines that cannot be questioned. If God would make rape and murder ethical, it still wouldn’t matter, because ethics and religion are completely different things, so that still would not make such actions ethically or morally correct. And since morality seems to be independent of religion, even though some of it aspects can be used and judge by with religion, if God didn’t exist then morality would still be there. Even though for some it would be challenging to adjust, since many