Morality Freedom Essay

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Derek Lee September 25, 2012
Morality Period 7 I use my freedoms for the benefit of my friends and family all the time and I think I can make the best of them. I have to take my sister to school every now and then and sometimes she wants to go to the gas station or pick up her friend who has to walk to school. I think by doing this me and my sister is getting closer as siblings and a family. I think by picking up her friends is helping her and her friends becoming and I am part of the reason why that is so that kind of makes me feel good. Another way I am using my freedoms to help a family member is driving to see family that I haven’t seen in a while. I am free to drive my car when I want so I am using it to see my family and show my love for them and making us closer as a whole family. I have many freedoms. A main one is doing my chores at home. I have the purposely not do them if I don’t want to, but I know my mom will get upset with me so I just do them and get it all over with for the fact that my mom will be happy. I also know that if I choose to be free and not do them it will come with a consequence like everything in life, it all has a consequence. I know that if I don’t do my chores that I will have to do them all really quick to do what I want to do on the weekend but that doesn’t work because I don’t always do them right and it sloppy and I’ll probably have to do them again. I have many freedoms and I Choose to use a lot of