morality,race,constitutionally: esay for the death penalty Essay

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theres no need to abolish the death penalty, The death penalty is a just and fair punishment for committing rape, torture, treason, kidnapping, murder, larceny, etc.. Heinous crimes such as these warrant no exception because they violate the boundaries of morality regardless of a person’s race , religion, gender, or background. But certain groups and individuals would rather argue to impose and fight for their belief against the death penalty. They may argue that the death penalty is inherently immoral because, a person should never take another persons life, no matter what the circumstance. On the contrary, the death penalty brings justice to those who have been wronged because , it gives the criminal the same degree of punishment as the crime they have committed. The death penalty revokes the defendants’ human rights just as they have taken away their victims’ right to live. How important is the death penalty and how serious should we take it? Let me give you an example.

In the supreme court case of Coker v. Georgia, 433 U.S. 584 (1977) Erlich Anthony Coker was incarcerated for rape, kidnapping and assault. Unbeknown to everyone, Coke escaped while serving his sentence. Not long after, he broke into a woman’s house and raped her. then, he procedded to put her in the trunk of her car and drove off. Coker later released the her and was eventually caught. After another crime of such magnitude, the state of Georgia sentenced Coker to death on the charge of rape, but the United States Supreme Court reversed the sentence on the grounds that death is an excessive penalty for rape. This is only one of the few incidents where a convicted felon, who has a history of violent crimes, escaped from imprisonment. So I ask you, without the death penalty, what guarantees us that these criminals do not escape and commit a far greater crime? Without the death penalty, what guarantees our safety given that prison and jail security have a history of vulnerability?


"[T]he fact that blacks and Hispanics are charged with capital crimes out of proportion to their numbers in the general population may simply mean that blacks and Hispanics commit capital crimes out of proportion to their numbers. Capital criminals don’t look like America... No one is surprised to find more men than women in this class. Nor is it a shock to find that this group contains more twenty-year-olds than septuagenarians. And if — as the left tirelessly maintains — poverty breeds crime, and if — as it tiresomely maintains — the poor are

disproportionately minority, then it must follow — as the left entirely denies — that minorities will be 'overrepresented' among criminals."


the death penalty is completely constitutional. it was commonly used in the 18th and 19th century and it wasn't found