Essay on Morality and Death Penalty

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Morality of Capital Punishment

Every human life is precious. This is something that has been taught by the Roman Catholic Church for years. Each day one is alive can be seen as a gift from God. As a result of this gift, we hear many people come up with phrases such as “Live everyday as your last”, or “Live as if you’ll die tomorrow”. Unfortunately, for some, these phrases can be more than just a saying. They can be facts. The people, for whom this holds truth, tend to be disliked by many and even hated by some. The type of person who faces a simple phrase such as “Live as if you’ll die tomorrow” as something that is actually the truth, is typically not a person with much freedom. This type of person, like many other in the same
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Whether or not it deters crime can be a miniscule fact to those who find that Capital Punishment as the only just punishment for one who has been convicted of murder and to those who find it completely unjust. Through surveys across the country, those in favor of Capital Punishment have said that only by putting murderers to death can society ensure that convicted killers do not kill again. In addition, many find that the cost to aid an imprisoned killer is unnecessary. Therefore, killing him proves to be cost efficient and easier on the government. On top of this, many find that if you have taken the life of another human being, you yourself do not deserve to live. Although a harsh statement, many refer back to the Old Testament to show the justification through “An eye for an eye”. Another example is seen through the fact that a prisoner can end up on parole and therefore never is handed the justice he or she deserves for murdering someone. In contrary, many find that Capital Punishment is unjust. For example, many view Capital Punishment as an example of an uncivilized society. In other words, a nation who uses Capital Punishment demonstrates to its citizens an uncivilized way to live (Muhlhausen 1). In addition, many find the death penalty to be a denial of civil liberties. This meaning that the government has no right to simply take