Essay about Morality and Success

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Is there a contradiction between our demand that our children be honest and moral persons and our demand that they be successful? Present the argument that there is a contradiction, and see if you can answer it.
Morality has taken a backseat to success. Today’s parents preach the same line of virtues to their children as did their parents and many parents before them; be honest and work hard and good things will come to you. But today’s children are pressured to obtain their success, by their parents and society, by often violating that very moral code, skirting the shores and sometimes diving into the troubled waters of unethical behavior. Historically, most ethical traditions culminate with the thought that just living is the way to
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Recently a minor in Texas stole alcohol, drove while intoxicated at a level 3 times the legal limit at excessive speeds, and caused the deaths of 4 pedestrians. Based on testimony of a defense team psychologist, the teen was afflicted with “affluenza”, a non-recognized condition where a person feels shielded from problems by money. His council and his parents argued that he was not responsible for the deaths because they taught their son that wealth buys privilege. He was sentenced to only 10 years’ probation. This is an example of a situation where the parents are teaching their children they only need to be rich and at any cost, and once you have attained wealth, the rules no longer apply. So be successful by any means.
A recent incident where a former NFL star’s home was vandalized by over 300 teens and young adults creates another data point. The victim in this case initially did not want to prosecute the vandals and offered an alternative instead that would provide an example of right action. He created a website where he posted the pictures he found from public social media sites of the vandalism incident and invited the vandals, along with their parents, to come back to his home, conduct repairs and help with a picnic to honor local military veterans. His offer was answered with threats of lawsuits by the parents of those vandals. It