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Second: Thailand has made great strides towards eliminating poverty within its borders despite its growth in population. moving forward from 2000 Thailand successfully reduced the percentage of impoverished people from 20% to 12.6% and has Third paragraph: about the country's goals for the future. Describes what the UN member states should do concerning topic
Basis for negotiations. describe ideal result of conference.
Longest paragraph sentence wise keep it broad and general but hit the topic. "Country is in full support of..... to benefit the ........ of the ......" (Build on topic) (relevant resolutions and committees need to be named again) "County would like to see nations world­wide ..... (stuff about topic).... Country reaffirms its support for something done in the past by this country and encourages the.... of.... globally. (go on to say other things that country supports and all that jazz)

Notes on Skype call from Dr.Dillie:
(One resolution on one topic)
BASIC TIPS: 3 Paragraphs *1 page* single space (including heading) Noindent Country committee and topic are all caps. Left margin alignment. Font: Times New Roman 12 (Only the first page is printed)
Personal name doesn't appear on topic!
Advantages: everything will seem easy
Write third paragraph first!
Work backwards­ gives consistency.
Paper builds towards conclusion­ coherently structured papers are best!
Every sentence counts! NO FLUFF (evaluate merit of information gathered, how important is it?) RESEARCH TIPS: Find speeches by country's leaders on topic. (once found its done)
1) country leader
2)foreign minister
3) UN ambassador
Google/Bing: "persons name + topic"
No such thing as plagiarism! (But make sure it makes sense)
When a phrase is repeated use it!!! anything that comes out of the mouth of 1,2,3 IS POLICY
Plan B: intergovernmental organization­find document supported by country or document by organization supported by country
Nothing recent? Talk about engagement on issue. Or domestic law.

PARAGRAPH 1: GLOBAL History of UN involvement in subject. How does this issue affect the UN and how does the UN deal with it. (read issue brief first!)
Issue brief: Main people and foundational UN documents
Country's name should NEVEr be in the first P PARAGRAPH 2: NATIONAL How country is involved. Are they a recipient of UN action or a donor? do we host or attend meetings? Are there any laws, programs and initiatives? PARAGRAPH 3: GLOBAL What does country want Int.Community to do regarding the issue.
3rd paragraph is everything country is pushing for at the conference.

Think Hourglass

1)Don't worry because its not graded (just have to do it)
2)Formatting!! demonstrate competence. Make sure everyone knows who the leaders are
3)Keep it one page (only first page will be printed)
4) demonstrating competence
5) Focus is on formatting First line: number assigned to resolution (A/Conference number (16) Commitee number/ resolution number (to be assigned at conference
Second: Committee third: Country Title= agenda topic in all caps Preambular clauses: single indents, single spaced. Dependent clauses (separated by clauses) Lists rational/moral basis for action (CANNOT CHANGE THESE)
"recalling resolution........" ­established president
"Noting such
"Further blah blah reasons for why the UN should do it Numbered Operative Clauses (What is debated)
1:Independent clauses; separated by;
2: One point for idea

3: what are you asking them to do. (End with period) "General assembly, does the following thing, because