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Nicholas Costeines
Professor Allison MacLeod
English 101 (0323)
March 5, 2013
More than Desert
When you first think of Iraq, I am pretty sure the thoughts that race through your head are quite negative. Stereotypes such as hot temperatures, constant threat of danger, and hazing sandstorms can be too much. Although all of this a big part of what goes on in Iraq, one can always choose to look at situations as “half full”. I for one am grateful for my time served in Iraq. I learned how to be responsible, to be appreciative for what I have, and always be respectful.
I was part of NPDB-1(Navy Provisional Detainee Battalion), one of the first naval groups to be dispatched to Iraq to start manning the prisons. To be successful in the military, and even more so in Iraq, one has to be responsible. Every decision you make as an individual can subsequently affect the outcome of someone else’s life. For example, I was standing security over watch as a couple of buddies of mine preformed searches on thirty detainees. We have been doing this everyday for months, consequently getting complacent can be easy. But it was my responsibility to provide my co-workers with my undivided attention to make sure they were safe. About an hour in a detainee pulled a knife out of his hair and tried stabbing my partner in the neck. I then took actions I deemed necessary to prevent the situation. If I had not been doing my job my friend could have died.
Additionally, while in Iraq, a service member does have some down time. Time to think about how people live their lives in Iraq, and what really goes unnoticed to the media. To be able to appreciate the small things in life can carry your attitude to a whole different level. For one, an American civilian does not have to worry about getting blown up on their way to get groceries. Furthermore, we as Americans have rights that people in Iraq unfortunately do not have. For example, our freedom of speech is on think that I am very appreciative for. People living in Iraq at the time could not speak up against Suddam Hussein without facing punishment that could lead up to public execution. Where as we can speak up for ourselves and tell…