more than meets the eye Essay

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Brooke Marangi
AP Literature/Composition
Mr. McConnell
19 August 2014
More Than Meets the Eye Paper Towns, by John Green, takes place in modem day Orlando, Florida. The main characters, Q Jacobsen and Margo Roth Spiegelman are both seniors and finding their, very different, paths in life. Q is set for university while Margo is indifferent about going to school or having any form of a path for her years to come. The moral of the story is that people are seldom what meets the eye or the first impression you get of them, a concept that is rarely grasped by people in our own society. Throughout the story, Q views Margo as some wild, unattainable creature with no problems of her own, all based on his childhood experiences with her. He never viewed her as a human with simple needs, wants, and desires. He based everything he thought about her or how he acted around her on what he heard or what she used to be like. This happens a lot in today’s society, specifically in high schools, with often terrible results. People make assumptions based on what they heard about that person from an unreliable source or based on past conceptions of these people. These assumptions often lead to rash actions, hardly ever ending in something positive.
The people who are affected the most by rumors are the people that the rumors are actually about. These poor people have to deal with the consequences of actions that they didn’t even do and undergo the scrutiny of everyone around them when they haven’t done anything wrong. Rumors destroy people. It leads them to things that aren’t good for them or anyone around them. Often times