There Is More Than One Way To Learn

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There is More Than One Way to Learn
Jessica Smith
West Georgia Technical College

There is More Than One Way to Learn From the time of birth, individuals are constantly learning. Every individual has a different style of learning. It’s best for the individual to learn their learning style early in life to better their education. There are various learning styles and some can be combined to be multimodal learning.
V.A.R.K. is one analysis tool used to define the different learning strategies. The first letter stands for visual learning, it describes the process by which people learn through pictures, graphs, diagrams, and highlighting. The second letter stands for aural, where people learn through hearing and need attend class regularly. The third letter signifies the read/write learning method, this strategy involves learning through lists, headings, dictionaries, and readings. The final letter represents kinesthetic, in which people use a hands-on learning approach. According to the questionnaire, this student’s learning style is multimodal. “If you have multiple preferences you are in the majority, as approximately 60% of any population fits that category” (Fleming). Multimodal learning is when an individual can use multiple learning styles. The individual could have two strong preferences visual and aural or read/write and kinesthetic, or may have three strong preferences such as V.A.R. or A.R.K. Multimodal learning would be the most benefited learning style, for which all the learning styles could be used. Kinesthetic is the most preferable learning style. Hands-on learning makes everything easier to learn. Kinesthetic learners form fifteen percent of the world (Nakate). Kinesthetic deals with all the senses, yet one would say that touching is more beneficial for learning. Trial and error is very useful when learning to do something new. Field trips are helpful for a kinesthetic, for it uses