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1. History

It has been more than 75 years since Morgan Stanley (MS) was established by Henry S. Morgan and Harold Stanley as a result of the Glass-Steagall Act (1933) which separated commercial banking from investment banking. Several significant footprints of MS can be seen below.

(30s – 40s) (50s – 80s) (90s – Present)

MS managed public offerings with a volume of US $ 1.1 billion which constituted about 24% of the market share. Besides, MS led the underwriting process of US $ 100 million for the United States Steel Corporation. This was within the first three years of its existence on 16/09/1935.

As a successful investment bank, MS managed many debt issues and stocks offering for some of the largest corporations. For example, in the 50s of the last century it managed US $ 300 million for US Steel’s debt issue, US $ 300 million for General Motor’s debt issue, and US $ 231 million for IBM’s stocks offering.

In 1962, MS launched the first computer model for financial analysis. Since then it started trading in the field of financial analysis. Following that, in 1970s, MS spread its activities and services. For example, it opened representative offices in Tokyo and London; also establishing Morgan Stanley International in Paris, and merged with Shuman, Agnew & Co., a West Coast brokerage firm, besides, it launched a research department and started providing assets management services to its clients.

The success of MS has continued to grow during the following thirty years till present. So, In the last decade, Managing IPOs and debt issues by MS still constitute the major part of Ms operations in the USA and Globally. The following table summarise the main services provided to MS’s clients and major events that happened between 2000 1nd 2010:
|Year |Type of service provides and Main |Amount |Corporation |Country | |
| |events |US $ | | |Notes |
|2000 |Lead manages of bonds issue |14.6 bn |Deutsche Telecom |Germany |The largest bond issue to date |
|2001 |Manages IPOs |4.1 bn |Agers Systems |USA |The largest technology IPOs in the USA |
| | | | | |history |
| |Advices Mitsubishi trust on its merger with Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi |
|2002 |Prices stocks offering |775 m |Lukoil |Russia |The largest stocks offering in Russia history|
| |Create a new global capital market group combining equity, debt, and leverage finance departments |
|2003 |Leads debt issue to fund GM pension |17.55 bn |GM General Motors |USA |The largest single capital market financing |
| |obligations | | | |ever |
|2004 |Co-manages IPOs |1.9 bn |Google |USA |The largest internet IPOs to date |
|2005 |Leads IPOs |370 m |Banco Nossa Caixa |Brazil |First local IPOs in Brazil |
|2006 |Open an representative office | | |Dubai |First office in Middle East and North Africa |