Morobe Mining Joint Ventures: Human Resources Services

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BSBHRM501B- Manage Human Resources Services.

Morobe Mining Joint Ventures (PNG) Human Resources Services.

Chosen Area:
Career management


Dealing with complaints
Implementing new legislation and laws
Mentoring and coaching
WH&S , pay role i.e. leave entitlement
Recruitment/ advertising
Training for possible advancement

Strategic and Operational Plans:
Valuing our employees:
By making all employees aware of our company goals and rewarding them when goals are met with either bonuses or awards. As well as having an environment that values, honesty, integrity, respect and working together in unity.

Assessing all staff on a regular basis
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Systems Information:

The company’s intranet will have information available for suggestions as well as any incident related forms that may be required. There will also be a filing cabinet with all forms in it for staff to access at all times. We will also offer online support and training so staff can track themselves and pace what they are learning. All personal documentation will be stored on a computer and in a separate filing cabinet that only senior management will have access to for privacy reasons. There will also be an achievement board for other staff to see progression and pace themselves accordingly.

Feedback Questionnaire:

Name: Date:

How can I be a better manager and help you succeed?

What are three things that I can do to help you be more effective & engaged?

How challenged do you feel in your role and do you feel you are leveraging your full potential? Please