Moroccan VS American Health Care System2 Essay

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Chaimaa Raihanoune
Class: GOVT 632 - CP
Dr. Emrullah Uslu
Date: 2/1/2015

Moroccan VS American Health Care System
The health care marketplace suffers from numerous inherent deficiencies, which have encouraged government intervention in both the United States and Morocco. Over the past several years, the provision of medical services has gradually become state’s responsibility in developed nations, excluding the United States. Unlike the Moroccan health care system, the
United States medical care system remains largely private. The popularity of free market health care systems was fueled by its accomplishments in technological and pharmaceutical inventions that followed the wartime involvements. This reinforced the American community to resist government intervention in health matters. Although, public funds have been consumed, in addition to continuing utilization of public administration in the health, the incapability of numerous citizens to acquire or to even pay for basic levels of care have led tointervention by the federal government.

The U.S. medical care system is largely based on the private practice of medicine and job related health insurance programs. The American health care is essentially considered entrepreneurial, because of physicians earning their income through a mixture of reimbursement mechanisms other than the salary, such as: the service-fee, capitation, and persession. Nevertheless, as more and new physicians are employed by health maintenance organizations (HMOs) this structure is now changing .These organizations offer comprehensive service and maintain a certain level of control of spending by regulating doctors’ billing. The government is forced to raise more capital to accommodate the needs of

the public. Efforts have been made to manage costs, without limiting access and the accessibility of service for the poor, elderly, and debilitated. Therefore, the combination of private and public health care systems is characterized by misdistribution of resources and serious inadequacies of access. Currently the U.S. health care system is laden with deficiencies.
To illustrate these shortcomings; 17% of the population, some 40 million people, do not have coverage at all, and another 40 million are only moderately covered.

Few HMOs make it a condition of a physician’s salary that he or she not crosses the limits of insurance costs. Which raises questions of whether the physician may be tempted to limit obligatory services or fail to take adequate steps to establish a diagnosis, and may discharge a patient impulsively? In the early 1990’s the United States was in a state of uncertainty. Despite highly trained employees along with stock piles of high technology and knowledge, the United
States health care system was a statistical failure. The U.S. ranked 16th in the world for toddler death rates, as well as life expectancies fell short of that of most developed countries. However, a huge percentage of the population cannot access sufficient medical care in the current system and doesn’t have coverage nor protected against the rising costs. It is a system whose costs are out of control, and there is a growing national deficit that the health care system heavily contributes to. Therefore, the United States health care system is unable to provide the public with an average level of care, and reforms should be taken to contain the swelling expenses.

Morocco has two type of medical systems .There is a universal public healthcare as well as a private healthcare .it is very comparable to health systems in the many developing countries in

Moroccan VS American Health Care System

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which the government takes responsibility providing essential public health actions .The
Ministry of Health (MOH), is the major provider of health care services in Morocco .It is
Financed primarily by the public budget, it provides the entire residents unlimited access to clinics, health facilities , dispensaries,…