Morphine and Euphoria Mental Clouding Essay

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What is it:
It is a drug that you can get at a pharmacy, but a doctor has to prescribe it
Is it addictive: It is addictive and these are some reasons to say no:
● Dangerous health risks
● It can ruin your future
● You are too smart
● It can lead to illegal drug use
Is it bad for you, is it helpful or good for certain people:
It isn’t bad if you take the right dosage. However an OTC or any other prescription drug overdose can cause very serious damage to vital organs, such as your heart, liver, and brain
This can be a perscription drug because the oil can help some diseases
Simple Truth:
Getting high on legal drugs is not any safer than getting high on illegal street drugs
If you have an overdose:
● addiction
● breathing difficulty
● dangerous increase in heart rate
● dramatic increase in blood pressure
● damage to vital organs
● seizures
● possible death
What are opiates?
● a prescription painkiller

● drug that comes from the opium poppy plant
● heroin is an opioid
● Over time, painkillers developed into part-opiate or chemically designed to work like opiates
● require a prescription to use
● worries about side effects such as nausea, itching, constipation, drowsiness, or dizziness
What are anesthetics?
● painkillers
● used before a surgery
What is OxyContin?
● a pill that releases medication gradually over 12 hours
● pitched as less addictive than other, but is actually the most abused medication
● by chewing/crushing the pills, users experience an instant high
● ended