Morquio Syndrome In William Gibson's Freak The Mighty

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After reading an extraordinary book called Freak the Mighty. Many interesting topics came to mind, such as morquio syndrome, the syndrome that Kevin the main character in Freak the Mighty receives, good and bad parenting, and manipulacion. Most people would just think all those topics are just a bunch of words. But really all those words relate to everyone of us.

Over the course of 10 minutes in class I learned so much about morquio syndrome. I learned that the syndrome is a rare genetic disorder, and that only one and two hundred thousand people receive it. I also learned that the Syndrome causes people to not be able to break down sugar that help them grow. I never thought a rare genetic disorder would have anything to do with me, but it does. It's not only part of the human condition, but also helps me see the world from a different perspective. Our Temple slash body is not only a masterpiece, but it's also a miracle and we should never take that for granted.
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In the book Freak the Mighty Gwen the mom of Kevin, (the person with morquio syndrome) is a great parent. She not only loves her kid with all her heart, but also treats him normally. Gwen would do anything for Kevin and has admiration for him. Gwen always wants the best for Kevin and will do anything to get it for him. Most parents today love their kids but things that most parents struggle with in this day in age is punishment. Back in the nineteenth century parents would resort to spanking or a whip with the belt, but today most parents just resort to taking away Electronics such as phones, tablets, computers, and TV time. Although the punishments and parenting routines have changed the love our parents have for us will