Essay on Morrocco: United States and Integral Change

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My Experience in Morocco I vividly remember my ancestral home of Morocco, because of its integral change in society and the way that it shaped my personality. The time that I spent their incorporated the sense that there is many exotic cultures and religions that you just cannot experience inside the United States. Some people may consider its lack of technology as a flaw, but in so having a lack of technology; it retains its serene naturalness which left me with an elated feeling while traversing through the country. In this essay I will be portraying why my visit to this country had such a stark impact on my views of culture and had a meaningful impact on my perception of life. After I spent an extensive amount of time in Morocco I found out about how antithetic their culture was to America, while I was in my grandmother’s house in Salé. One of our neighbors was a very poor family of 4, where their father died and there was no work available for them (keeping in mind there is no welfare system in this country). After every diner my grandmother would go to their house and give them some of the food that she cooked. Although this may seem like an unconventional act of kindness, this was the norm in morocco. Due to the lack of a welfare system the poor had to rely on the altruism of the people around them. This one example had a extensive impact on my views of the country because I witnessed the kindness of the people, And it changed me by implementing feeling that I should always be kind and generous to the people around me. During the second time I was in morocco, I began to realize the changes in culture more deeply. Almost every day while I would eat dinner with my family there would be at least one guest and on many occasions a few guests eating with us. Although the words were incoherent to me because I didn’t speak Arabic, I could understand by body motions and because of the unfaltering speech